Matthew Waldinger is a creator and designer. His work aims to show the human experience, sharing perspectives of individuals often in his own community. Every individual has a unique experience and Matthew wants to know what makes each experience unique and what can we learn from each other’s experiences. In sharing these experiences he sees the possibility of a society capable of greater progress through empathy. His research question for his capstone project is “How do we teach/show our differences in an engaging way?” The project focuses on the problem: what is causing us to not engage in our differences? Though there are many reasons the artist decides to take the route of technology as a hindrance to our exposure of others perspectives. Attempting to redesign how individuals use technology and experience life, the artist uses technology as a vessel to break out of artificial reality and expose people, through random acts of giving, to new experiences.The project shows how technology is a tool, not a place, and when used incorrectly individuals find themselves trapped in a state of mundane ignorance by the “safe” ecosystem they have created for themselves—resulting in an overall empty and pessimistic feeling towards life.