As a designer, I love walking the line between illustration and animation as I try to incorporate it into my work. Before COVID, time management seemed like a piece that could go on the back-burner when it came to assignments and work. Although the line between work and life was thin, it was distinct. The days when we trudged to and from our workplaces were regimented enough to have space for work and classes, allowing for benchmarks to complete assignments in allotted time spaces. During COVID, the line has all but disintegrated. Between the need to finish things and the necessity to be dedicated to a structure, things have become overwhelming while working from home.

Time management, now at the forefront of our lives not only as students but also as workers-from-home, has left us without consistency. The Adoro App is a maintained collection of time management methods personalized to fit your lifestyle and working environment. Centred around the idea of ‚Äòself’, Adoro propels you to be motivated to create a better workflow with the goal of getting to the things that make you happy.