Since 2020, the world has faced natural disasters, a pandemic, brutality, hate, and fear. Although many have adapted and united throughout it, at first, the scale and scope were unexpected. Through this state of oblivion, many minds developed and were affected by various conspiracy theories and prophecies that paralleled the pandemic with biblical end times. Platforms such as social media, podcasts, and Youtube have increased the ease of sharing these ideas. Through my religious upbringing, I question if this is the end times, and if so, what would the Christian Apocalypse look like? My artwork combines visual elements from detailed scriptures and films to visualize these terrifying prophetic perceptions. Using printed digital montage, illustration, and colored pencils, I dramatize these scenes through lighting, color scheme, and expressionism. Contextualizing the past 18 months through scripture, paranoia, and visual art, my work gives perspective to narratives of absolute chaos, surreal experiences, and our evolving realities.