I combined commercial design and storytelling to investigate how the media and music might help adolescents and young adults build positive characters and be encouraged in their new phases of lives. I chose to design a K-pop girl group and their debut album because it is a genre that is strongly influencing new generations world wide. The concept of this group is “Witches and Magic.” The five members of the group will represent witches from North, South, West, and East, and a girl from regular world (a.k.a. Dorothy). Through the keyword, “witch,” the group will talk about the “weird” characteristics unaccepted by the society, those that make some adolescents or young adults feel low self-esteem, want to hide, or deny themselves. The members, by being witches, will show people that being different is not wrong, but actually means they have unique powers. The keyword “Magic” represents the crazy new experiences one find in new phases of life. Especially for adolescences and young adults, the world and emotional flows are so strong and strange that they almost feel unrealistic; the group will use this keyword to make the new phases of lives and new experiences not so scary and anxious, but actually adventurous and fun. I would like to investigate this idea further and create more concept designs for this (designed) group. For this BFA exhibition, the final product is a debut album: the box case, CD, and photo book.