I am an innovative designer who thrives on creative expression. I like to use my creativity as a stepping stone in promoting positive, social change through the use of design. I believe representation is very important, so I started asking questions such as how does the lack of representation affect Black and Brown people?

In order to tackle this important topic, I decided to create a comic series that focuses on representing Black and Brown communities in a positive light.

THE STONE WARRIORS: INTO THE LEVANON is an afro-futurist comic book series created to empower and inspire young kids and teens. It is a tale about four teenage friends (Kota, Nova, Swift, and Essence) from Chicago who discover stones with ancient powers embedded into them from planet Levanon.

My nephews and nieces, specifically, would love this series because they are yearning for new superheroes that look like them. This story takes place in a world where superhero characters learn about their histories, respect their cultural past, and value their family traditions. These multifaceted superheroes vary in shade, color, and size, which is done to increase self-esteem in our future generations to come.