My work focuses on bringing film to light through portraits and fashion photography. I don’t consider myself to be a studio photographer, rather, I use the scene around me to capture a moment in time. The distinct quality of 35mm film allows me to stand out from the digital forms of photography that are typical and commonly used today. I portray the personalities of each subject, while incorporating my own aesthetic via film and analog cameras.

One of my biggest struggles in photography was talking to new people and getting them to be my models. I was too scared to reach out to people I thought would be interesting subjects for my work. This has often hindered my process of creating the images I want to make. I realized that by networking and facing my fear, I’m not only building new connections with people, but also promoting myself to a broader community. This growth mindset and engagement has made the world I want to create more possible.

My motto is “Do What You Love and Don’t Stop”. This phrase reminds me to continue to do what makes me happy. It doesn’t matter to me whether other people like my work or have negative things to say, because the images I create are about the relationship between myself and whoever I am photographing. I take critique of my work, but I ignore “hate” because my work makes me happy. By doing what I love, following my passion, I can make a name for myself in the photography world. In the end I want to people to see the resurrection of film through my eyes. Whether that be through fashion or social media, art galleries, or magazines, I want people to see my work and become inspired to engage in the world around them.