KARE is a skincare brand that curates self-care packages with products that help keratosis pilaris sufferers in their journey of self-healing. My personal experience with KP made me aware of a series of particular products and their ingredients. I researched subscription boxes, the skincare industry, and beauty industry branding. I developed an identity that fosters a positive message that doesn’t promise to clear the skin condition; rather, KARE intends to de-stigmatize, support, and educate. The two boxes target different challenges: restore + renew cleans, cleanses, and exfoliates, while comfort + cool moisturizes, soothes, and protects your skin. I designed an Instagram page (@kare.packages) that promotes the products and boxes, which engage audiences by encouraging them to post unboxing videos, motion graphics, and progress all while using the hashtag #sharingiscaring.

Collective Action: A Conversation of Sustainability offers an imperfect imagining of a sustainable present and future, with an underlying critique of the unsustainable practices built into our capitalist society. From my collective research, I acknowledge the practices of living sustainably through an interconnected landscape of found materials. My research is informed by popular media, articles, books, podcasts, and newsletters. Academically, I was introduced to the importance of sustainability by taking classes in environmentalism, biology, plant practices, and graphic design. All these educate me on the relevance of sustainability in the hierarchy of our lives. My process begins with no final composition in mind, just a commitment to gradually developing and removing areas that speak to different sustainable practices. I seek artists across media whose work expresses dynamic compositions, strategic layering, and inspiring color palettes. The materiality of my work explores a celebration of our range of individual practices we may adopt to work towards a healthier planet.