I’m a whimsical designer with a spirit for helping people. I’m passionate about projects that can have a lasting impact on my community and the people who reside in it. For my project, I decided to put that passion into action. I used brand design and social media to create an initiative to help disadvantaged people who experience periods.

My capstone project, People With Periods, will help provide disadvantaged individuals with menstrual products in order to level the playing field when it comes to period poverty. Periods aren’t an option, and period products shouldn’t be treated like one. My first goal was to create an program that provides these goods to underprivileged individuals. In order to achieve this, I used design thinking to create a campaign to support people with periods. To achieve the desired outcome I had to create several points of entry from a social media campaign to an online period product drive to a SNAP program that would continue to grow after the initial foundation. All proceeds and donations will go to CU at Austin’s Place, an emergency shelter for homeless women.