I have a huge passion for animals and I’ll do what ever it takes to help them into a loving home and a healthy life. One of my biggest life goals is to be dedicated to animals at a shelter and I took this opportunity to work on a design that can give animals a second chance that they all deserve. Chance is an opportunity for animals to receive a second chance at life. Here is a design of a safe and regulated animal shelter/kennel where people can put found animals or their pet that they can no longer take care, use the app to include any helpful information they can provide without disclosing the person behind it. Then the door will lock safely when finished. Lastly, a local shelter will get alerted and come pick them up. The reasoning behind this design is to decrease the number of animals left on the streets. People can acknowledge that their pet or the animal they found can still have a second chance in finding their owners or another home safely without having to feel like they need to abandon them secretly or feel they have no other choice.