To the Fags, Fairies, and Freaks: I dedicate my life to you. May it serve as a love letter
that reveres our persistence.
Before I am anything else I am love. Love is at the core of everything I do.
I see my life and everyday experience as an art project. The process as a performance.
What remains of my life’s performance are the things I make. I make things for fun. I make
things because I would rather die than not make things. Art separates surviving life from thriving
in it.
I transmute my feelings, emotions, attitudes and personal experiences into movements,
techniques of material application and arrangement, my voice, video, collage, fiber. The result of
these actions are things made, is Art. I do this as a way of healing spiritual and emotional
wounds as well as documenting experiential knowledge so that my art may serve as an archive of
abstracted memories and as a symbol of intrapersonal achievement that hopefully encourages all
people to live in truth and have confidence in their personal pursuits. Through the things I make
and do, I align with my higher purpose and authentic self. I hope that by being true to myself, I
can be an example to others and demonstrate that dreams can become reality; nothing is
impossible. I have already won solely by being.
I see Art as a mirror reflecting the mind. Art as a Body, the Body as Life. Art exists at the
intersection of mind, body, and spirit. Being led by intuition, my things act as a window into the
subconscious revealing hidden truths. What is real, what is imaginary? Blur.
My art practice centers around fun, play, discovery, and chaos. Play as an act of rebellion,
queering the status quo of labor. Play: A spiritual act that grounds me and connects me to the
flow of the Divine. The art process like life is a journey, or a series of decisions. The process is
not perfect. The things I make are not perfect. The hand in them is apparent. The hand gives
character and opposes industrialism. I like the presence of the hand to be visible because I feel it
gives a more one-of-a-kid unique quality.
My play investigates metafolklore, nursery rhymes, literary devices, western esotericism,
spiritualism, metaphysics, and their intersections.
Vulnerability is my medium. When I say I make things I mean I merely mediate materials
and allow things to happen, to come together, or to drift apart.
Remember: Separateness is an illusion.