BFA 2013

What you see within these pages is the essence of years of rigorous reviews, intensive requirements, and endless deadlines. These are the efforts/relics of the many highly motivated, independent-minded students who have a strong desire to make and challenge conventional ideas. This catalog is the celebration and calm after the storm. It is where art historians, art educators, designers, and artists present their labors to the broader community. It symbolizes the remains of that period of time before they transition to a career after Illinois. These artists, designers, scholars and educators will be the ones who will thoughtfully challenge the prevailing conventions of artistic expression, develop new forms, and become innovators and leaders in their chosen fields in response to the needs and values of a global society.

Nan Goggin, Director

The School of Art + Design offers a BFA in: Art Education, Art History, Ceramics, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Metals, New Media, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture. A BA in Art History is offered jointly by the School and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Mark Avery
Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Class of 2013
Faculty + Staff
  • David Akins
  • Will Arnold
  • Mark Avery
  • Conrad Bakker
  • Luke Batten
  • Eric Benson
  • Marsha Biddle
  • Chris Bonner
  • William Bullock
  • Stephen Bullwinkle
  • Anne Burkus-Chasson
  • Jennifer Burns
  • Stephen Cartwright
  • Michael Collins
  • Donna Cox
  • Glen Davies
  • Ellen DeWaard
  • Jeff Dilley
  • Robin Douglas
  • Paul Duncum
  • Motoko Furuhashi
  • Nan Goggin
  • Jennifer Greenhill
  • Ryan Griffis
  • Jennifer Gunji-Ballsrud
  • Gerry Guthrie
  • Kevin Hamilton
  • Lawrence Hamlin
  • Kathleen Harleman
  • Patrick Hammie
  • Laura Hetrick
  • Laurie Hogin
  • Brad Hudson
  • Steve Kostell
  • Ron Kovatch
  • Jorge Lucero
  • Jimmy Luu
  • Yunling Man
  • Areli Marina
  • Deana McDonagh
  • Kathleen Meaney
  • Alan Mette
  • Kevin Mulhearn
  • Sheryl Netherton
  • David O’Brien
  • Michael Parsons
  • Matthew Peterson
  • Melissa Pokorny
  • Kiley Reed Black
  • Kevin Reeder
  • Linda Robbennolt
  • Lisa Rosenthal
  • Joel Ross
  • Faith Rotan
  • Tammie Rubin
  • Amy Rueffert
  • Anne Sautman
  • Ernesto Scott
  • Cliff Shin
  • Joseph Squier
  • Billie Theide
  • Joyce Thomas
  • Brad Tober
  • Tim Van Laar
  • Oscar Vasquez
  • Deke Weaver
  • David Weightman
  • Catherine Wiesener
  • Terri Weissman
  • Brian Wiley