The photography program is designed to educate students in the visual language of our increasingly image-based society. Through the discipline of image creation the student investigates meaning through his or her own work with the goal of consciously examining the world. The student's perception is stimulated and challenged, their creativity nurtured and supported through the core curriculum, while confidence and skill is bolstered in technical electives. As a consequence, their understanding, fluency, and confidence allow them to enter the world stage as cultural citizens and leaders.

Study in this area is directed towards creating works of art using photographic imagery. Through its core/elective curriculum, the program is constantly evolving and redefining the idea of fine art photography and its application in an open, expansive yet individual way. The ability to understand and employ photography's unique narrative potential is emphasized. The curriculum provides a balance of practice and theory, which assure the integration of creative impulse, research, and production.