The Metals Program is a comprehensive and professional program of study that encourages and supports aesthetic and conceptual development, technical experimentation and research, personal expression, and technical competency. We acknowledge and celebrate the diverse and broad nature of the field of contemporary metalwork by supporting investigations of jewelry, hollowware, and object making. The curriculum is designed for students who are inquisitive, motivated, and disciplined.

The program promotes a vigorous exchange of ideas while providing an intimate, supportive, and nurturing environment that enables continuous faculty and student interaction. The faculty encourages diversity and respects individual artistic directions while providing challenges necessary for creative and intellectual growth. The curriculum supports professional training for the self-sustaining visual artist and provides the skills necessary for you to pursue an advanced degree in the arts. The elective portion of the program is determined after thoughtful consideration of your interests and future professional goals. The Metals program is ranked within the top five program nationally; the creative work and research of the faculty is internationally recognized.