Graphic Design

The graphic design program centers on the methodologies, theories, and processes used for design communication in the contemporary world. The program respects the traditions of the design profession, while at the same time engaging with the new technologies used in the industry.

The program maintains an enrollment of approximately 70 undergraduate students. There are four fulltime faculty, who teach graphic design in the undergraduate, graduate, and foundation programs and are active as professional designers.

The School and program are actively engaged in an interdisciplinary project, Ninth Letter, with the University of Illinois Creative Writing Program. Ninth Letter is a nationally distributed and internationally recognized publication and website which positions itself as a hybrid at the intersection of visual culture and literary culture.

This program has also established a senior seminar course, which invites professional designers to the classroom to introduce their design methodologies, work and philosophies to students in an intimate and open setting. This course also gives students the opportunity to have their portfolios reviewed by these professional designers to make connections outside of the classroom.